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About me

My name is Madina. I am a Certified Permanent Makeup Artist, educated by some of the most elite teachers and practitioners in Europe and Montreal.
Using the most advanced European techniques I will design and create for you the most natural looking eyebrows, lips and eyeliner.
I moved to the beautiful Okanagan 4 years ago and I have been providing high quality permanent makeup for my clients since then. With over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry and 5 years in permanent makeup, I am very confident that I can translate your vision into reality.

Enhancing your beauty is my goal and passion!

My BEAUTY ROOM is operated using only the best practices and highest standards, ensuring that each client experiences quality customer service throughout the entire treatment process. Come to my BEAUTY ROOM and I will help create the beautiful transformation that you desire!

PMU services we offer

Permanent makeup Lips - Enhance your natural lip colour!
Permanent makeup Eyeliner - Define your eyes!
Permanent makeup Brows - Your eyebrows will always look perfect!
touch up $100
touch up $100
touch up $150

Examples of my work

What our customers say

Kaye Davidson
I’ve have been working with Madina for the last three years and she is amazing!She is well trained, personable and her salon is always clean and pristine. She does incredible work and will continue to be a long term client of hers.
Kristin Edstrom
Madina is absolutely amazing! She’s an artist when it comes to eyebrows! She is your gal if you are looking for eyebrow perfection!
Shelly Orloff
I love my lips! They are full of colour and lighten up my face so well. It’s so nice to not need lipstick any longer. They look so natural once they have healed. I had my eyebrows done as well and they are beautifully shaped. I highly recommend Madina!
Linda Callahan
Madina is a very professional , detailed orientated and committed individual. Every step in the process was carried out extremely well. I am very, very satisfied with the results I obtained. Thank you Madina

Common permanent makeup questions

Is permanent makeup the same as tattooing?
All over the world, “tattooing” means a body tattoo, while “permanent makeup” is considered a micropigmentation-permanent cosmetic procedure. The main differences are: the device, the depth of injection of the pigment, the lasting time and the pigment used. All this directly affects the final result and feeling during the procedure.
Does permanent makeup hurt?
It depends on the area and the person. Some people have thicker skin and can tolerate pain on a different level than others.
Permanent makeup can be a very painless procedure if the right numbing cream is used.
How long does permanent makeup last?
On average, permanent makeup can last for 1.5—3 years and it depends on skin type, age, your lifestyle or pigment colour (The darker the pigment colour, the longer it will take to fade).
How long does the procedure take to complete?
The procedure is split into two appointments: the initial procedure and the touch up, which 5 weeks after the first session.
Brows: 2—2.5 hours / touch up- 1 hour
Lips: 2.5—3 hours / touch up 1.5 hours
Eyeliner: 1.5—2 hours / touch up 1 hour
Lashline: 1 hour / touch up 40 min
How long does it take to heal?
Permanent makeup takes up to 4 weeks to fully heal. The permanent eyeliner healing process is easier than brows or lips healing. Immediately following the procedure, brows or lips will appear brighter and darker. When the flaky skin has fallen off the colour will lighten and soften.


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